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The new TMsearcher24 national service for Portugal has started.
With its various national services for important economic regions or
individual countries, TMsearcher24 is the international gateway to the
extensive investigation services of Researcher24. Now TMsearcher24 Portugal,
under, offers a selection of important
investigation services for checking directly and immediately on protection
for trademarks and names in Portugal itself. By carrying out a trademark or
company name investigation, legal conflicts over names can be avoided in, for
example, the import/export of products or in the founding of a company, or
cases of market piracy can be uncovered early on.

The commissioning of Investigation and Monitoring services is carried out via
the secure Shopsystem of Researcher24. The Shopsystem allows a simple and
convenient putting-together of individual investigation packages and ensures,
together with attractive rebates, clear time and cost advantages. In
addition to TMsearcher24 Portugal, further TMsearcher24 national services are
available under

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