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The Rs24 Usage Investigation is the most reliable Offline- and Online-Investigation, which, after detailed investigation in current catalogs and databanks across several media (for example, trade catalogs, suppliers-, exhibitors-, and product lists), backs up its findings with direct telephone enquiries, in order to confirm the actual usage of a trademark or brand name.  The investigation results are brought together in an extensive Investigation Statement. The Rs24 Usage Investigation gives precise answers to the questions : where ? in which area ?  for which product ? and also possibly how long a name has been used for.

IPRGsc (sc for short coverage) is suitable as the initial solution for the continuing ‘IN USE’ surveillance of  IPR ( Intellectual Property Rights)   in the new online media (detailed information under The results are available online in interactive IPRG Statements. With its focus on the new media,  IPRGsc investigations can act as a meaningful supplement to the Rs24 Usage Investigation, because IPRGsc answers further questions. IPRGsc finds out not only whether a name is being used, but also what form the usage has, and whether the usage is authorized and correct:

  • The tracking-down of tangible infringements of IPR (for example unauthorized use of logos, brand monitoring, brand denigration, domain grabbing, brand piracy, etc) , surveillance of expiry of conflicts (observance of  prohibitions etc) and observation of the competition.

  • Investigation of  ‘Brand In Use Status’ as a basis for any actions and as a reference for the controlling of the actual use of brand names and for brand management. (for example, for the development and building of brand recognition with respect to  Online-Marketing) 

  • Tool for the direct monitoring of  projects whose strategy is based on  brand names. (for example, during a  relaunch, internally and externally, associates and marketing partners

With the extensive management functions of the monitoring results,  IPRGuard goes far beyond the functions of a new, innovative search technology for ‘In Use’ Monitoring of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and aims for an optimal workflow and the optimization of the relevance of the results.


  • individual relevance through different parameters

  • preconfiguration of three relevant processes

  • individual selection and changes on the 'Bad Word' catalogues

  • automatic UTM localization of the Bad Words (Metatags/Description, URL listings, text pages)

  • definition of geographical search areas over multilingual Bad Word catalogs

  • individual definition of the 'white Urls'

  • categorization of page contents in content cluster (Web and Domain statement)

  • automatic 'who is' (domain owner) and IP-locate (server location) specification by web-, Image- and Domain- statement

  • archiving of all hits with time-stamp

  • evaluation of the current monitoring timeframe (researched pages, page sources for Tlds)

  • trends for overall page relevance, number of researched pages, pictures analysed, clean pages and pictures and other content)

  • determination of the BIUS: Average value of the importance rating of the fixed monitored areas

  • BIUS separated according to monitored areas

  • Statistics prepared in easy-to-view graphics or tables

Further capabilities, with Watchlist Functions and Relevance-Feedback (among others) are available via IPRG (further information


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