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Researcher24 offers search and investigation services and products for the management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). (More about Researcher24)

In the field of names, a comprehensive selection of over 50 national and international search products is available for you. The Rs24 name searches are the foundation for the detection of unlawful infringements against a name, and deals with the two decisive questions:

  • Does your own name (for example when registering a domain or choosing a company name) infringe the rights of a third-party?

  • Are the rights of your own name infringed by a third-party (for example, by identical or similar domain registrations or phone book entries by a third-party)?

The Rs24 name searches, being based on current and reliable sources, is the sound and reliable basis for the answers to these questions ( Researcher24 does not give legal advice in cases of possible legal action over brand conflict the advice of a specialized lawyer is strongly advised).

You will find, in the field of company names, the following search products:
  • Rs24 domain name searches

  • Rs24 phone book entry searches

Search Services offered by Rs24 are distinguished by the following standards :
  • Identity identity search

  • Similarity: identity and similarity search

  • Light: Complete detailed documents with respect to the area of Identity, general overview listing in the area of Similarity

  • Pro: Complete detailed documents in both the areas of Identity and Similarity

All products can be directly requested, combined any way you want and then ordered via the Rs24 shop-system. As method of payment, you can choose between credit card (Mastercard, Visa), credit, cash-on-delivery, or invoicing.

Find out here about the attractive discount offers from Researcher24.

The search results are delivered by email, post, fax and via the Rs24 Online Results Archive. Express contracts will be given priority and supplied in a shorter time.


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