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  Service Discounts


Researcher24 offers several attractive discount schemes. The innovative Shop System of Researcher24 differentiates between variable volume discounts and individual discounts for single products.

The non-adjustable volume discount at Researcher24 is, at the moment:

expenditure > 250 EUR = 2 %

expenditure > 500 EUR = 3 %

expenditure > 1000 EUR = 4 %

(each refers to the gross basket price)

Single products have additional product-related discounts (claimed via promotion codes). As a rule, these products are announced separately, in advertising banners, on the Start Page of Researcher24.

In addition to this, ‘special’ discounts can be offered. For example, at the moment, all law firms who are registered in the lawyer index on, the online magazine for brand-name owners, receive a long-term discount of 5%. Likewise, a turnover of over 500 Euro will qualify for free entry in the lawyer index, if you should request it.

Basically, all discounts, unless otherwise stated, can be combined and are valid for all research products on Researcher24.

Both product-related and individual discounts are deducted via a promotion code. Therefore the suitable promotion code must be on hand before making a purchase (e.g. from a previous purchase, or from an advertising campaign, or it could be a long-term code). At the order stage, the promotion code can be inserted in the order form, leading to a reduction of the total price. Some promotion codes have a restricted validity and some are long-term codes - this will be indicated to you when your codes are sent out.

For questions about current discounts, the Researcher24 Hotline is at your service on +49(0)431-800 62 30 or via our contact form.

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