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  The Rs24 IPR Status search USA combines searches into various important rights and is the foundation for the detection of infringements against trademarks and brand names, and deal with the two decisive questions:
  • Does your own name (for example when registering a domain or choosing a company name) infringe the rights of a third-party?
  • Are the rights of your own name infringed by a third-party (for example, by identical or similar trademark registration by a third-party)?

The Rs24 IPR Status search, being based on current and reliable sources, is the sound and reliable basis for the answers to these questions (Researcher24 does not give legal advice – in cases of possible legal action over trademark conflicts the advice of a specialized lawyer is strongly advised).

Rs24 researches are characterised by:

Clarity: for the complex similarity research, all search steps will be indicated;

Extent: clear summary of the research results in one report;

Reliability: the quality of the results and delivery date will be ensured by the experienced Rs24 Team and the Rs24 order processing system and control procedures;

Cost advantages: the commissioning of searches in the Rs24 Shop and the administration of orders via the ssl encrypted Rs24 order management center, optimises and shortens the purchasing process for the customer.

Vouchers over 20.00 Euros included.

The Rs24 Light IPR Status Trademark+Company Name USA Similarity Search checks, as a similarity search, the inventory of Trademarks (federal and state) and company names of the USA. As a special offer, you will receive, with this Rs24 research, a voucher over 20.00 Euro. Further information on Rs24 discounts here.

You will receive the voucher as a promotion code when you order this Re24 research. You can insert your vouchers when you next order on Rs24. Questions about the ordering process ? The Researcher24 Team will gladly answer your questions on our international Hotline: +49(0)4131-225 600-10, or via our contact form.

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