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For the most part, visitors to a virtual law firm, as potential clients, will not decide on the basis of a first visit to a site, but by an establishment of contact with the firm itself. A law-firm Internet site which only has static content leads to a situation whereby any visits remain single visits only - the lack of current news giving no incentive to visit the site for a second time.

The News subscription leads to a clearly improved visitor and client dedication, increases the attraction of the site in comparison with other sites and emphasises topicality and your business specialization in this area.

With the Markenticker Content-Service, the news feed of the Markenticker Editorial Team (which provides the daily news on Markenbusiness the online journal and portal for trademark owners) is made available for your own Web site. From the up-to-date news feed of the Editorial Team on the themes of ‘trademarks, brands, names and domains’, the main feature is the descriptive news category ‘trademark disputes’, which can de selected from the news feed. The technical set-up of the Markenticker Content-Services makes it possible for you yourself to place your own commentary and news on your web site via the CMS (Content Management System) of the Markenticker Content Service.

The Markenticker Content-Service is delivered as a complete module for insertion on your web site. The Markenticker module can be extensively customized, i.e. adapted to the layout of your web site, and contains:
  • Automatic delivery of the news category 'international trademark disputes' (minimum of 15 news deliveries monthly);

  • Adaption to the site layout (format, colour);

  • Modules include CMS-System, allowing you to publish your own news (on your site) and to delete news items from the Markenticker news feed;

Markenticker news feed: monthly fee: 45,00 EUR (6 months)
Markenticker news feed: monthly fee: 39,00 EUR (12 months)
One-off fee for setting-up and customizing (technical and layout-adaption on your web site) of the Markenticker Content-Service-Modules: 345,00 EUR


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