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Brand Brokerage

There are essentially two lines of action, to exploit the value of a brand successfully.

1. The offering of the brand in the media of the target group, a group which would be particularly looking to consider purchasing a brand.

2. The focused, active direct addressing of participants in the lines of business relevant to the brand (according to the goods and services and history of the brand).

Markenplatz on Markenbusiness is a leading online-platform for bringing together offers and enquiries to do with “used” brands or brands which haven’t been used yet. For this purpose, you can use a convenient database-aided search for the brands on offer, or consult the Markenspot advertising feature, where both word and picture brands are effectively presented.

By virtue of the up-to-date news feed on the theme of brands, names and domains, from our own editorial department, Markenbusiness reaches the crucial target group of brand owners, law firms, agencies and companies. Brand brokerage is based on direct contact (by telephone and in writing) with relevant market participants, who have been previously ascertained by a current branch investigation. Brand brokerage requires a professional, serious approach with the correct contact partners in agencies and companies and can be aided by a sales-orientated brand valuation.

You can receive information about brand valuation under:

Markenbusiness – or request information via the Checkbox-Message Form:

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